Wonder TV Shield - Aap Ke TV Ka Suraksha Kavach

  • Protect your LCD with Wonder TV Shield
  • Protect it from flying objects
  •  Protect it from dust and scratches
  • Protect it from Finger Prints Protect it from
  • Your TV is not a Black Board
  • Secure your TV with peace of mind

Why Wonder TV Shield ?

No warranty covers your TV Screen from accidental damages. As a matter of fact, Screen of your precious LCD/LED TV does not carry any warranty for the physical damage. Imagine what will happen if by any chance the fragile Screen is broken by any flying object or any other physical impact.

Children often have habit of sitting very close to TV screen and watching TV or playing video games. This can have bad effect on their eyesight. Wonder TV Shield filters UV rays and minimise eye fatigue and strain while using LCD/LED TV or monitor for a long time.

Wonder TV Shield is a crystal clear screen guard that attaches to a flat screen LED/LCD TV and Computer Monitor and protects the fragile screen from the above accidental physical damages and plays a vital role to protect your good health.

Wonder TV Shield made of special optical-grade PMMA material is as clear as glass and maintains the sharp and vivid picture of any HDTV.
Comes to you in customised sizes to fit on your TV and Computer Monitor from screen size 15 Inches to 84 Inches.
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