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Wonder TV Shield
LCD / LED / PLASMA TV Screen Shield
Wonder TV Shield is a TV Shield which protects your LCD/LED/PLASMA TV from physical accidental damage, which may be caused by flying object. It gives protection to your TV from scratches on screen, finger prints and dust on screen. Also filters harmful UV radiations.
Monitor Screen Shield
Wonder TV Shield is available for all brands of Computer Monitors in customised sizes. It is important to install Wonder TV Shield, as it filters the harmful UV radiation which causes strain and fatique while using the computer for a long time.

Wonder TV Shield - Product Description



Protects the Screen from physical accidental damage
Filters the UV radiation emitted from the TV/Monitor Screen
Protects the Screen from Scratches, Finger Prints and Dust
Best optical parameters - 100% Clear
Virtually unbreakable
Enhanced screen ventilation with specialised bumpers
Precise fit
Ideal for use with Wall Mounts or Stands
Easy detachment for cleaning